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What to expect when you visit the studio

Stepping through the doors into a new environment is perhaps one of the most challenging actions you might take in your journey to better health. Starting something new can be intimidating! Even if you have been practicing yoga for a long time, a new environment and new people might stir up some feelings. Whatever it is that brought you here, we want to welcome you! Our studio is a pretty special place. Here is what to expect when you walk in the front door.

First of all, when you walk in , you will most likely be walking into a party atmosphere. Music will be playing in the common area. Somebody will be there to greet you and show you around. Others may be hanging out in our lounge area sipping coffee or tea talking about the class, upcoming workshop, or maybe the book from our book club. There is ample room to hang your jacket and put away your belongings into a cubbie. Phones are allowed int he studio as long as they have been silenced. Nobody wants to hear an alarm going off or a phone call ring during their practice!

At the front desk we have a tablet with a check-in program running. You use that to find your name and check in. This lets us know that you have arrived so we aren't looking for you when the class starts up. If you haven't already signed up for the class, you can add your name right there on the tablet. If you need to pay for the class or purchase something else, one of our energy exchange crew members will be around at the desk to help you.

In the common area (or the studio) you are welcome to hang out before or after class. We are not a quiet studio and we encourage you to socialize and have some fun while you are here. If you want to ask a teacher about your practice or a pose or what their favorite music/movie/book is, feel free.

You will also notice that we have some technology interspersed throughout the place. We have a computer setup specifically for our zoom online classes and/or our Facebook live sessions. We also have security cameras to protect everybody. And there is a TV in the common area for announcements and every now and then to watch the hockey game.

A little further into the studio you will find our change rooms, shower rooms and a filtered water station for your water bottle. We have towels available at the front desk if you forgot one. We also have some mats available to borrow should you need one or want to try out one of our B-Mats. We also have blocks, straps and bolsters available for use. Just leave whatever you borrow in the studio when the class is done and we will sanitize them for the next session.

Through the big white doors is our hot yoga studio. The floor is marked with little stickers to show you where to place the top of your mat for proper spacing. The room is almost always hot with the temperature around 97 degrees. The humidity varies depending on how many people are in the class. Some studios have their rooms even hotter than this but after years of experience, we find this works best for us. The teacher generally sets up by the windows and everybody faces that direction. There is a garbage in the room by the door as well as tissue and hand sanitizer.

The classes run an hour long and flow from one pose to the next. You are welcome to take breaks by coming into child's pose. You are in charge of your body and your experience! The teacher is simply a guide. We primarily practice "power" yoga here in our classes. This is a style that uses a set sequence of poses. Teachers will change this up a little by adding/removing things or spending more time in some sections. It is a very well balanced flow that has several peak points and opportunity for both strength and ease.

If you are used to watching a teacher demonstrate poses during a class, then you might be surprised by how we teach here. Our teachers don't typically demonstrate the poses during a class. Instead, the teacher will instruct you through their words, providing you with queues that will enhance your practice. If you need to see what a pose is supposed to look like, then take a peek at the others in the class. But don't worry, the teachers are checking to make sure you don't hurt yourself and will provide more guidance as necessary.

At the end of every class there is a period of quiet time known as Savasana. This is where you lie still, in silence, for some quiet reflection and restoration. We ask that everybody respect this time and not make any noise or try to pack up and leave. The teacher will make sure that the class ends on time and that you will have lots of time to pack up and get on your way.

Power Yoga Canada is a franchise where each studio is owned locally. There are about 14 studios right now, with most of them in the GTA region. We were the first studio to venture outside of the area, bringing this style of yoga to the north. Each studio is run in a similar manner with the same types of classes, look and feel and every teacher at our studio has gone through the PYC teacher training program. If you find that our teachers are a bit different compared to what you have seen at other yoga places, you would be right. We are very focused on our community and want you to feel at home here.

If you have any other questions about the studio and what to expect, come on in for a tour and meet us. We would be happy to meet you and show you around and get you ready to take your first class and start you on your journey.

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