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Energy Exchange

Power Yoga Canada Sudbury is growing a successful and strong yoga community. This community consists of practitioners, yoga teachers and Energy Exchange crew. Together, they create the super fun vibe that is PYC!

Have you walked into our studio and been greeted by your first name? Were you given a tour and introduced to other members? Did you feel welcomed and at ease to chit chat with other yogis? Who are these lovely humans? It was very likely members of our Energy Exchange (EE) crew who were responsible for giving you that home away from home feeling.

Becoming an Energy Exchange is a great opportunity for yoga students to deepen their practice and create meaningful relationships with yoga teachers and fellow students. The studio would not be the same without them! It is a win-win relationship…the EE receives unlimited yoga and community connection while the studio is kept clean and the atmosphere is a-buzz with good energy.

This program provides unlimited yoga classes to those yoga students on a budget. All they need to do is work three hours each week. Many yoga students sign-up for the energy exchange program to save money on monthly yoga membership fees. While they receive unlimited yoga, energy exchange is a commitment and a big responsibility. It’s a job, after all!

It is a minimum 3 month commitment to participate in the program at our studio. The people that will be considered for the role have completed their 30 day Introductory Offer and showed a real passion for yoga and community. Training can start as soon as the intro offer has expired. Training consists of 3 shadow shifts with owners Allison and/or Grant and other Energy Exchange crew. There are three areas of focus; red carpet experience, beautification and software training.

Red carpet experience is just that, awesome customer service! Get to know the members and what they are interested in, greet them by name, tour the studio for new guests, practice yoga next to people that need a little help or companionship.

Beautification of our community space involves everyone’s effort. Not only wiping up sweat and putting blocks away! Think about the extra touches that caught your attention; soaps, shampoos and toiletries that were full and ready to use, face clothes that smelled so great you covered your whole face with it, and an atmosphere that was uncluttered and welcoming.

Assisting participants with membership options and purchasing of retail items using our Mind Body Online software. Through guided repetition using MBO the software is easy to use and learn.

The program is designed to work within the Energy Exchangers schedule. They pick a day and time that works best for them and that they can commit to as their regular shift. If there is a class on the schedule at their chosen time, they are welcome to practice on shift as long as they are able to get their duties done within the time frame. The schedule is fluid and can be changed if discussed in advance.

Perks of the EE program include; unlimited yoga, 15% off all retail items, 50% off in-house workshops, free coffee & tea, and crew fun nights so our community has a chance to hang out and connect together.

A great team will showcase an amazing yoga experience! The program benefits everyone that walks in the door, no matter where they are in life, they come to their yoga mat to unwind, rejuvenate and help find a balance to their hectic lifestyles. When you come to our hot yoga studio, it seems like heaven. Our studio is a sanctuary and home away from home. Do you want to be a member of our crew? Email and let us know!

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