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Singing Bowls

If you have spent some time checking out all of the little things in the studio cubbies, you may have come across this amazing object sitting on its own pillow. The Tibetan singing bowl is an object used by many different wellness practitioners. Yoga, massage, sound therapists are just a few.

Depending on where you buy them and how much old they are, they can vary greatly in the sound they produce. The good ones will be old and will have been made out of a combination of 7 different metals blended together. The metals are good sound conductors but also symbolic of the 7 chakras. Some will tell you that different bowls are tuned for specific chakras. The sound waves that are generated are meant to unblock and tune your chakras restoring balance within the body.

Vibration is a very powerful force in the universe. The practice of "aum" at the beginning and ending of a yoga class is done to connect everyone in the room together through vibration. The aum sound is said to be the universal vibration sound - some call it the sound of creation. The singing bowl vibration is very similar in sound and many believe that the vibrations have healing powers. Things such as stress relief, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure, stimulating the immune system and helping with meditation are all good uses of the singing bowl. Do they actually help with any of these things? The best answer I have is "maybe" as there really isn't any proven information out there, despite them being around for centuries.

If you want to check the bowl out and play with it, just ask us and we will be happy to show you how it works.

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