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A Place to Teach or Hold an Event!!

Fitness and Yoga teachers, this post is for you!

Our studio is available to rent for classes, workshops or any other event that could use a warm and inviting space. Do you have a group of friends, followers or even family that you want to teach to? Maybe just starting out and wanting to practice your teaching? Looking to build your own fitness business and need a place to hold your classes? Lots of opportunities here.

Here is a good example of a studio rental scenario. You are a yoga teacher and have your own customers who want to take your class. Maybe it is a workshop, a boot camp, a rest/restore, prenatal, kids yoga, or whatever you want to teach. We will work with you to set the date and provide the studio space and management. You sell your tickets and promote the activity. Our space can hold up to 40 yoga mats. Imagine selling those for $20 per person. A good opportunity to make some money while delivering your class in a safe and nice environment.

Interested? Connect with us at the front desk and we can discuss the details.

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