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Are you ready for the heat?

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Any day now.....

We are eagerly awaiting the start of "stage 3" where we can finally re-open the studio to participants. Currently, that date looks like July 16th. Let's hope that there are no further setbacks so we can get back to a healthy flow.

Where to practice

Until the doors open again, we have a few options to flow with us. The PYC At Home zoom platform is still going strong. A good, cost effective option for practicing and staying connected with your favorite teachers and classmates.

We also have something new that is building and gaining a lot of momentum. It is Power Yoga Canada at-home's online repository of on-demand classes (that we are adding to regularly) giving you lots of options of class styles that you can turn on whenever you feel like it. Access to the library is $9.99 USD per month. If you are interested, follow this link!

Even better is hanging out with us at Bell park for live classes! We are at the Katherine Bell boardwalk gazebo Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. We also have Saturdays at 9am in Capreol at Doug Mohns park. A single class is $15 after tax. Sign up using the PYC app as usual. Active members can join at no additional cost. Existing class passes can be used if you choose to for these classes. No limit on participants but we do need to keep our safe distancing. Hope to see you out soon!

Changes in studio

We have made a change or two in the studio. When you come back, you will notice that the desk has been moved and the couch is gone. We have added an unheated practice space for those participants who don't favor the hot room but would still like to practice with us. This space can also be used if the hot room is full.

When booking your classes, you will see in the description "HOT" or "UNHEATED" in the class title. Please make sure that you book the right one! There are also some classes with "ZOOM" in the title. These are online classes. If you book this class, we will not be expecting to see you in studio.

Class schedule

Starting in late July, we will be right back into regular classes and workshop offerings. The schedule is always available in the PYC app or on the mindbody website.

The summer gives us some extra daylight hours. As such, we have added some later classes to the schedule starting at 8pm. We have also added some 7am classes on days where we don't already have a 6am class. We have also moved our weekend morning classes to 8am so as not to take up prime weekend family hours.

We have also added a beginner yoga class Sundays at 7pm. These will be unheated and will focus on the foundations of the poses. Great for brand new as well as seasoned yogis, this class will set you up for success by learning the fundamentals and optional modifications for the power flow.

Please check out the schedule and send us some feedback on what you think!

Sudbury Saturday Night Returns

A favorite class last year, we will be once again holding Saturday night video jam classes at 8pm!

This is a regular hot yoga class but much more fun! Music videos will provide us our flow music and we usually have a fun challenge to take on in class!


We will be getting right back into offering some amazing extra experiences in studio. Look to our website or ask a teacher at the studio for details for what is coming up and scheduled!

Sunday July 25th at 8pm we will be holding our Restorative Yoga Bliss session. There were a number of registrants for this session back before the lockdown. If you are one of them, please know that your spot is reserved for this session in July.

For a fun and adventurous evening, be sure to sign up for our Partner Yoga workshop on Monday July 26th at 8pm. Allison and Grant will teach you and your partner some partner poses that will deepen your connection and partner trust.

More restorative options will be available in August and plenty of other educational and fun sessions are planned in the fall.

Karma Yoga

For Sudbury pride week, our Park yoga class on July 13th at 6pm will be donation based with all donations going to Sudbury Pride. Please be sure to sign up for the class as usual but bring some cash to put into the donation bucket! E-transfers would also be appreciated to

New products for sale

A couple of new additions are available in studio to purchase. We still have mats, water bottles, straps and some clothes for sale. The new items are:

1. Protein bars

Need an extra boost of protein? These are sure to hit the spot and give you that little bit of extra energy as you work and sculpt your chaturanga arms!

2. Keto bombs

A no sugar chocolate peanut butter munchie with zero calories. They fill you up fast and satisfy any sweet craving that may sneak up on you.

3. Flow water 500ml and 1litre

Forgot your water bottle? Prefer the taste of water with healthy minerals and naturally alkaline? We've got you covered.

4. Cold heavenly face clothes.

Yes! That's right. We have our cold clothes back available for you to use right after the class during savasana! We will explain how this works when you come in. If you want to have one, bring a $1 to place in the bucket or ask us to charge it to your account!

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

We would love to hear from you with ideas on how to improve our services. Please feel free to contact us via email, phone or you can fill out a feedback form at our website

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