What's coming up for you?

If you have been involved in any of our programs where we explore some deep questions, then you most definitely have heard the phrase "what's coming up for you?" from us before. Tell us more about that, speak from I, does anybody have anything they want to share and do you feel complete are all heard around here pretty regularly. Do we feel complete? No! We are just getting started. Here are some of the things that will be coming up for you very soon!

Sudbury Summer Special

Have we got a deal for you! Some are even saying that this is the best deal in town. Pretty simple. Pre-pay for your membership now for 3 months (June, July, August). When you do, you will be able to choose a brand new B-Mat, get a free pass to one of our summer workshops, and also get 6 free friend class passes (to be used by your friends). Offer will be available until June 1st.

Bronze: 3 classes per week. $325

Silver: 4 classes per week. $430

Gold: unlimited classes: $535

Regular membership prices: bronze $100/mth, silver $135/mth, gold $170/mth

Restorative Bliss

Sunday May 29th, 7pm-8pm

Host: Kim

A super relaxing experience blending restorative yoga, healing music and massage. A favorite of our community, this is a very in demand session. You will be guided gently towards deep relaxation and perfect stress relief.


Thursday Jun 09, 5pm-6pm

Host: John

John welcomes you to an intimate space connecting you with the energy and experience of fellow breathers. Mainstream music is played to allow for a powerful, yet nurturing environment, where you will feel safe, empowered, and supported during your session. There is an active breath portion that then flows into a deep meditation and release.

Hospice Fundraiser Karma Classes

We are helping out a fundraiser event for Maison McCulloch Hospice by holding karma donation classes. These are classes that don't count towards your membership or class passes but you are asked to donate some money to the cause.

The Karma collection jar will be at the front desk when you come in. And yes, please do register for the class in advance like you would for any other class so we know who to expect.

Also, Allison will be donating $20 for every teeth whitening done (powerbrightcanada.com) that week. If you were thinking about getting your teeth whitened, this would be a great time to do it. Connect with Allison to learn more.

Class times:

Monday June 06, 7pm-8pm

Thursday Jun 09, 7pm-8pm

Friday Jun10, 9:30am-10:30am

Sunday Jun 12, 3:30pm-4:30pm

Little Pretzels - Free Yoga for Kids!

Host: Marilyn

Yes, we said free! Actually free. Drop off your kids if they are between the ages of 5 and 12 and Marilyn will entertain them with some great games, some kid yoga adventures, fun yoga related songs and they will be introduced to mindfulness. Watch your children connect in a community, make friends, build self-confidence and self awareness!

Next class date: Saturday May 28th, 1:30pm-2:30pm

Foundations of the Flow

Wednesday Jun 15, 6pm-8pm

Hosts: Grant & Allison

We are going to break-down every pose in the PYC flow from child's pose to savasana and speak to alignment, modifications and activation in each pose. This is a great session for new and experienced yogis alike. It provides the foundations you need to elevate your practice and come into each pose with confidence and purpose.

The workshop will be unheated. Come prepared as you would for a regular class as there will be lots of opportunity to try each pose on and feel the possibilities.

Wise Body Warriors

Monday, Jul 18, 6:30pm-9pm

Host: Kelly-Anne

A workshop for those living with chronic pain. You will learn to integrate breathing exercises into your day, to relax your body and help free your mind of worries and distractions. Boost chronic pain relief with natural endorphins from movement. Many modification options will be provided. Be sure to talk to the instructor prior to starting about any questions or concerns. Guided meditation and journaling (Dhyāna) will be part of the experience. A great opportunity for group discussion before and after class.

How does that land with you? Anything more to share?

Keep an eye out on our website, pycsudbury.com, for more events, workshops and amazing blog posts. There are always lots of things coming up and opportunities for growth and fun.

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