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Almost there!

According to the new reopening schedule from the Ontario government, we should be set to open our doors at the end of July. This will happen as long as the vaccination schedule progresses and everything stays the course. We are so looking forward to seeing everybody and getting back inside the studio!

Thank you to everyone who has stood by us through this catastrophe. Your kindness has been incredible and we are greatly humbled by your support.


Yoga in the park

Plans are being made now to hold classes at Bell Park two days a week. They will be held at the gazebo or possibly at the boardwalk. We are still waiting for details and confirmation from the city for days and times and location. Stay tuned! Classes will be added to the MBO system and available to be booked on the app. We will be limited on the number of participants initially but hope to fill the park shortly after.

We are also investigating other park locations and will update the web page should we find one that works well for everybody.


Changes in the studio

When you do finally step foot back into the studio, you will notice a few changes.

1. We have moved things around in the common area space and have created an "unheated" practice area. This room will be used as additional mat space for classes and for various workshops. If you prefer to practice without the heat, then this is the place for you! The unheated mat spaces will be on the schedule as a separate class. To reserve your spot, you will need to sign up for that class through the PYC or MBO app. Classes in the unheated space will either be used as an extension of the heated class ( you can hear and see the teacher in the unheated space ) or as a separate class by itself.

2. The main desk has been moved closer towards the door. Getting in and out of the studio will be a little bit tighter.

3. A new mural has been added to the unheated room space. We hope you enjoy it. It is by the same artist as the mural in the hot room.


Annual Memberships and Intro Specials

Please note that we will be adjusting all annual memberships to account for the time lost during the lockdowns.

If you bought an Intro special and didn't get a chance to use it, then we will gladly reactivate it for you when you are ready to come back to the studio.


New program coming!

A group of us PYC owners have put together a brand new program that will be launched shortly after (or even before!) we re-open the studio. It is focused on learning about and incorporating the teachings of the ancient yoga wisdom. If you have enjoyed the 40 days to personal revolution or the 30 days to level up program, you will be sure to love this one. Look for more details soon.

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