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Energy Exchange Team Agreement

Welcome to PYC's Energy Exchange Team!


New EE's must have intro special completed.

Sign up for 2 2-hour shifts or 1 4-hou shift.

You will receive the following training:

1. Shadow shift

2. Training shift with focus on red carpet experience & beautification

3. Training shift on MBO

We encourage you to practice during your shift!


Most of our communication will be done through the website.  There is an EE group, similar to a facebook type group.  This is the tool to communicate and pick-up or switch shifts.


As a member of the EE team, you will receive complimentary yoga.

In addition, you will get 15% off retail items.  

You will also be invite dot all of our social events!

The free yoga is contingent on you being here for your shift.  If you switch with somebody, then you must pickup another shift to make up for the one you lost.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your shift is covered.  Use the group to communicate with your team. It is also your responsibility to stay in integrity with your shift commitment.  If you are owing shifts, you must pickup shifts or else lose access to the program.  Any more than 3 owing, you will be removed.  Exceptions can be made for planned absences.  Communicate with your team lead regularly!


As a member of the EE team we ask that you commit to the program for a minimum of 3 months.

- arrive for your shift on  time

- complete all assigned duties (see the checklist)

- Maintain a regular yoga practice


By signing this agreement, you are committing to uphold PYC's values, committing to your shift for a minimum of 3 months and will perform to the best of your abilities while meeting the program's expectations.

Thank you!

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