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A Fresh Start - January 2022

We are still here and rolling with the punches! With unfathomable optimism, we continue with our mission to deliver the best hot yoga experience to our guests each and every day! It has been a rough go these past two years. As many of you know, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary in November. Looking back, while it was probably not the best time to start a business, we are proud of what we have built (and continue to build) and the many friends we have made along the way. We have been treading water and pivoting with the challenges thrown our way. We are ready for a fresh start, ready to move forward and continue on with our dream of providing much needed physical and mental fitness services for every body!


Schedule Changes

Our schedule is always in motion with many new things being added and some time slots changing. The majority of participants have stated that they prefer earlier evening classes. So, we have added in some more 5pm and 7pm classes to the schedule and have removed the later ones for the time being. It is also true that many people don't want to wake up early to exercise. If we have enough people wanting to commit to mornings, then we will rethink this but, for now, we have reduced the number of early morning classes available. Please send us a note if you want to see a class at a certain day or time and we will work with you to make it happen!

As always, our schedule may change at any time. Please make sure that you check the schedule on the PYC app and look for notifications should a single class be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

ZOOM Online Classes

We totally get it. There are some times when you simply can not make it into the studio to practice. Fortunately we have you covered! There are two great options to practice yoga at home.

We have been offering online classes through the PYC@home platform for a long time now. This is still running and offering many classes per day. Details are at and access is free with membership.

If you would like to flow along with the Sudbury classes, then here is how you do it.

PYC Studio Members can access the zoom link by joining the "Zoom Class Links" group on the website under the groups list at this link.

Non-members can book the class at this link. Individual zoom classes are $10+tax each.


Upcoming Things

We are always looking to provide new and exciting things to our community through workshops, special classes and events. We have a few exciting things starting up in January. If you have any suggestions or wishes for the new year, please share them with us! Here is a look at what is coming up...

Professional Teeth Whitening

Say hello to "Power Bright Canada", Allison's new venture providing professional teeth whitening right here in our studio! Prior to moving back up here to Sudbury, Allison spent over 20 years as a dental hygienist. She even spent a bit of time teaching hygiene students here at Cambrian college. This is a great service to offer here at the studio, blending personal care with meditation and relaxation. The results with a professional service are incredible and, just like our yoga, transformative! Find out more on our website or ask Allison anytime

Auto-Immune Warriors

Curious about how to manage inflammation and pain with yoga, relaxation and meditation?

Then this is the program for you! Did you know that auto-immune diseases are common and affect over 2 million Canadians? This series will teach you yoga poses that will help you cope with inflammation, relax your muscles and reduce physical and mental discomfort. Breathing techniques will be taught along with meditation to calm and focus your mind. Inquiry discussion will be dedicated to sharing autoimmune-related stories, experiences and thoughts.

8 week series. Members 50% off. Starting Saturday Jan 8 from 3-4pm.

PYC Book Club

It is true. Awesome people do read books! We also like to get together and talk about them and share our experiences and learnings! Come and enjoy our comfy community hang out space, some coffee/tea and amazing conversation with real people. The first book is "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond". Get togethers are starting Tuesday Jan 4th from 5:30-6:45pm. Anyone can join, register, scroll to upcoming events and hit Register under PYC Book Club!

Breath Work

In person breath work is starting once a month.

John welcomes you to an intimate space connecting you with the energy and experience of fellow breathers. Loud mainstream music is played to allow for a powerful, yet nurturing environment, where you will feel safe, empowered, and supported during your session. First, John will explain the session, followed by an active breath portion that flows into a deep meditation and release. The entire session lasts one hour and there is always time to rest, connect, and complete your session as you need to.

Starting Sun Jan 9th @ 3pm.

$25+tax per class.

Suspension Yoga

Looking to try something different?

Suspension Yoga offers an energizing and relaxing way of exercising, through inversions and aerial movements that leave you feeling relaxed while experiencing a full body work out.

Starting Wed Jan 19th at 6:30pm, Tracey Gosnay will be hosting these special classes.

Space is limited so be sure to book early!

$100+tax for all 5 classes or $25+tax for a single (if there is room)


Bingo Winners!!

Congratulations to everybody for playing our bingo game through the month of December.

We hope you had fun and enjoyed the activities involved. Many participants walked away with PYC mugs and toques for getting a bingo. We had three people fill up their bingo cards completely and each win the grand prize!

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