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Teachers: Our Team


Allison Graham

Full of fire and love, Allison lights up the room!  She has a gift for creating connection both in and out of the yoga studio. Aliison started teaching in the GTA and recently moved back to Sudbury to open the PYC and build our amazing yoga community! She is working towards her 500 hr PYC teacher certification.

Grant Graham

Hard to miss in a crowd, Grant is a big presence at the studio. Grant teaches many different styles of yoga but his current favorites are Power and Deep Flow. In addition to yoga, Grant is also a certified hypnotist and likes to dabble in magic!


John Ahonen

A personal life coach and spiritualist, John is full of positive energy! Whether he is leading a group through restorative Yin or firing them up through Power, John will leave you lit up and with a smile on your face. He is currently a Thai massage specialist and is working towards becoming a RMT. John has formal training in both Ashtanga and Power.

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Kelly-Anne Lavallee

For many years, Kelly-Anne was a fitness trainer and taught Vinyasa style yoga here in Sudbury. She has her 200 hr certification through PYC and uses her high school teaching skills to effectively pass on her knowledge to her students. Look for her teaching some very empowering Deep Flow and Power classes!


Kim Barr

Always the first one to sign up for additional training, Kim is very passionate about yoga and our community! A busy RMT and 200 hr PYC teacher, Kim uses her knowledge of the body to amplify her yoga teaching both for enhancing and simplifying poses. Kim is full of love and supportive energy!

Dana Monzon

Regarded as one of the most joyful people at her training sessions, Dana's quirky humor and contagious positive attitude will inspire you and leave you full of yoga bliss. Dana is a 200 hr certified PYC teacher and auditions daily for the studio's best dancer competition.

Rebecca Thompson

A lover of head stands and inversions, Rebecca teaches from both fire and air. Her passion for yoga is very apparent in her teaching as is her love of this community. Taught by the absolute best teachers in the industry, Rebecca's classes will inspire you to be your best!

Charlee Graham

Persistent, funny and caring are the three words that best describe Charlee. Charlee teaches our "Little Pretzels" yoga classes helping young yogis to find calm and fun while using their imaginations.

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