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Passport to Wellness: Seize the Yoga Moments Before They Expire!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, I reflect on all the experiences and lessons from the past couple of years. During pandemic, our yoga studio was not sustainable on the few online participants that continued to support their own health and assist in our rent payments. Grant and I used what we had and created what we could to stay afloat and keep PYC together. We sold our home, created side hustles and infused our earnings back into the studio. We are 100% invested in this community and are in it for the long haul.

Classes have been filling up with people looking to escape the cold to do hot yoga together. It's wonderful to see waitlists and yogis pre-registering weeks in advance to get into their favourite classes! I believe in what we teach, I know the PYC special sauce is undoubtedly the best! This is what keeps me going as the director of yoga at Power Yoga Canada Sudbury.

I have received many messages requesting expired passes be extended or reactivated. I need to be transparent here, our studio is nowhere near being in the clear financially. We accepted our governments handouts and landlord rent relief when things looked bleak. Neither of those were offered for nothing. The loan is coming due and our landlord has increased our monthly rent, the struggle is real.

Enforcing expiry dates on yoga class passes is a common practice in the fitness and wellness industry, and it serves several important purposes:

Expiry dates help studios and instructors maintain a steady stream of revenue by encouraging clients to use their class passes within a specific timeframe. This ensures a consistent flow of income, which is crucial for the sustainability of the business.

Our studio needs to plan class schedules, allocate resources, and manage space efficiently. Enforcing expiry dates allows us to anticipate attendance levels and allocate resources accordingly. It helps prevent overbooking and ensures that classes are well-attended.

Expiry dates promote fairness among clients by ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to use their passes. Without expiry dates, some clients might nurse their passes indefinitely, potentially limiting the availability of class slots for others.

Knowing that a pass has an expiry date can motivate peeps to attend classes regularly and make the most of their investment. It encourages commitment to a regular practice, promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Enforcing expiry dates provides our business with flexibility in adjusting prices or terms over time. It allows us to adapt to changing market conditions, responding to fluctuations in demand, and implement new policies as needed.

Yoga is often most effective when practiced consistently. Expiry dates encourage clients to establish a regular practice, which can lead to better physical and mental well-being.

Our expiry policies are clear, passes expire in 6 months at Power Yoga Canada Sudbury.

It's important for us to communicate our policies clearly to members, including the rationale behind expiry dates, to ensure transparency and maintain positive relationships with our community.

We plan to thrive over the next five years and invite you to flow with us into 2024. Thank-you for your loyalty and commitment. Stay tuned for more growth.

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