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Learning to Love Yourself ~ FREE TALK Sunday Oct. 15th 6-7pm

Updated: Oct 11

This is an open space to listen, talk, share and be together as a community. If you struggle with self-love, self-worth and are seeking ways to see the beauty in your life - this chat is for you!

Matthieu Bonin is a local inspirational speaker. Our gift to you is having Matthieu share his insights and to get conversation going around change, commitment and self value.

Matthieu's life purpose statement is 'I am a light for dark places'. He strives to alleviate suffering and radiate joy to those who need it. He does this through speaking engagements, workshops, writing, adventures, and consultations.

Thought provoking conversation 6-7pm facilitated by Matthieu. At 7pm we will all MOVE together in the yoga studio and afterwards, FUEL, drink and BE together!

Picture Credit to Jessica McShane

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