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Flow into the New Year

This is going to be a great year!

If you want to feel better, make some new friends, become more present and mindful, then you have got to check out all of the cool things coming up at the studio.

Winter Schedule

We are always making small changes to the schedule every few months as demand shifts from season to season. Remember to book your classes through the PYC app to save your spot! Classes are much busier this time of year. It is very possible that if you don't book ahead, then you might not get in! Please be mindful of your bookings. If you do book a class and cancel less than 2 hours before the start, then you will be charged a no-show fee of $10 for the class!

Here is what the new schedule looks like for the next while....

Upcoming Workshops


This is the program that everyone should sign up for! A great way to kick-start your fitness goals for the New Year. Pino Rizzi is an amazing host and teacher. You are guaranteed to be inspired by him and no doubt you will be transformed at the end.

For those of you who really enjoy an accomplishment, then check out our 30 Day plank challenge! It is free to enroll and participate. The program is presented for you on our website guiding you on what to do each day. If you complete it, you even earn a certificate!

New Year, New You

If you are brand new to the studio and maybe brand new to yoga, then this is the program you have been waiting for! This is a program exclusive for new yogis who are looking to make a change in their life and want some guidance along the way.

Included in this program:

  1. Foundations of the Flow workshop. This session will go over all of the Power Yoga Canada poses and will provide you with the tools you need and confidence to participate in our classes. You will learn the proper way to perform the poses and tips, tricks and modifications to suit your own style.

  2. 4 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga. This is our Intro Special where you can try out all of the classes and teachers.

  3. 30 Days to Level Up Program. If you join early, you can participate in the cross-studio program led by Pino. An amazing way to kick start your focus on health and wellness!

  4. 10 Cocoon Sessions. Our fitness/wellness pod provides infrared light therapy, dual heat sauna and vibratory massage. It is a great way to relax, relieve stress, tone up your skin or even replace a workout.

  5. A private assisted class. One on one time with the instructor providing you with support and encouragement throughout an entire class. This is a great experience where you will gain some valuable insight into your practice.

All of this (plus more) is in this program at a ridiculous savings! We can only accept a limited number of participants so if this sounds like something you are interested in or if you know of someone else who would benefit from this program, please connect with us today!

Community Connection

Here at PYC Sudbury, we are always looking for fun ways to grow our community and learn new things. Let us know if you have a suggestion for group activities!

Book Club

Returning on Thursday's at 5pm (first session is Jan 4th) the club will be starting with the title "No Cure For Being Human" by Kate Bowler.

The book club is a great way to meet new people in a welcoming environment while you read and discuss some awesome books! No grades, no pressure. Just an amazing opportunity to learn and grow.

Speaking Straight; Speaker Series

Throughout the year we will be hosting several speakers that wish to come and share their knowledge and experiences with us. These chats are in our common area and are free for all to attend! Our community is full of individuals who have something to share that helps us all grow and learn. Does that sound like you? Then connect with us to get on the schedule! Look for these sessions as free classes on the schedule and book in to reserve your spot!

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