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Sweat Crawl Nov 2021

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Welcome to the Sweat Crawl Nov 2021 group. Feel free to post your pictures and activities throughout the day! You will also find logistic information and the teams will also be posted here.

Here is what you need to know so far....

This Sweat Crawl event will give you the opportunity to experience 3 different fitness classes at local gyms.

Thank-you for supporting locally owned businesses that were hit hard by the pandemic. We appreciate you.

Have a great time!


Apex Warrior Fitness #apexwarriorfitness

125 Loach's Rd Unit B

(Behind Tutti Frutti)

Dennis 705-920-0793

Orangetheory Fitness #OTFSudburyCA

900 Lasalle Blvd

(In the Metro Mall)

Julie & Shawn 705-806-0360

Power Yoga Canada #heatingupthenorth

1380 Lasalle Blvd

(Next to Bulk Barn)

Boss Supplements #bosssudbury,

Boss will be set-up here to replenish & reenergize

Allison & Grant 705-586-0322

La Fromagerie #thefromo

80 Elgin St



11 - 11:15am - Arrival at starting location

11:30 - 12:30pm - First Class

1 - 2pm - Second Class

2:30 - 3:30pm - Third Class

4 - 5pm - Celebration at La Fromagerie

★ Each class is 45min in length with a group challenge at the end. It takes 20min to get from Lasalle to Apex by car.

What to Wear:

Easy to move in, lightweight clothing, bring indoor gym shoes, water bottle, and hand towel. Showers are available at

Orangetheory Fitness & Power Yoga Canada, bring a shower towel.


Available at all locations! Carpool with friends on your team to make it social and fun. There is a big city lot across from La



If you have never been to the gyms above, you will need to complete your waivers in advance. Each studio has their own

waiver. Orangetheory has sent theirs separately to you, check your email and junk. Follow the link to Power Yoga Canada.

Apex’s waiver is attached to this email.

Power Yoga Canada’s link to app to complete profile & waiver;



Teams will be announced Friday evening by email! There will be 3 teams, your team name represents your starting

gym! Your instructor will tell you where your team is moving. Individual emails sent to get all participant names and sizes

for t-shirts.

Feel free to follow all of these participating gyms & supporters on social media! Use their hashtags and tag them when

posting the great pics I know you will capture.

Sweat Crawl Email
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Apex Waiver
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